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Managing Windows with VBScript and WMI

New ReleasesLearn all about Windows Management Instrumentation and how VBScript and WMI work together to make Windows administration faster and easier. Includes coverage of WMI security issues.

Featuring Don Jones.

24 chapters, 7 samples, running time: 1:08

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Table of Contents:


WMI in a Script

Structure of WMI

Exploring the WMI Classes

Writing a WMI Query

Using WBEMTEST to Query WMI

WMI Scriptomatic

Customizing a Scriptomatic Script

Sample: Inventorying Remote Computer Service Pack Levels

Two Methods of Connecting to WMI

Using Impersonation in WMI

Using Alternate Credentials for WMI Connections

Sample: Backing up Security Logs

Sample: Shutting Down Remote Computers

Designing a WMI Script

Sample: Disabling a Particular Service

Using Associator Classes

Testing Associator Queries in WBEMTEST

Sample: Querying Dependent Services

Other WMI Namespaces

Sample: Querying Other Namespaces

Running Scripts Against Multiple Computers

Sample: WMI and Multiple Computers


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