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Advanced VBScript HTAs Tips & Techniques

New ReleasesMake your VBScript-based HTML Applications (HTAs) more powerful with this collection of high-end tips and techniques. Learn to dynamically show and hide HTML elements, create expandable/collapsible tree menus, works with frames and inline frames, understand HTML element relationships, create dynamic highlighting effects, create pop-up tool tips and drop-down menus, modularize your code, and much more. Includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the creation of an advanced HTA-based administrative tool. Your scripts never looked so good... or packed so much power!

Featuring Don Jones.

14 chapters, running time: 1:06

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Table of Contents:


HTA Overview

Dynamically Showing and Hiding Elements

Making a Tree Menu

Using Frames and Inline Frames

Understanding HTML Element Relationships

Working with HTML Element Collections

Dynamic Highlighting Effects

Dynamically Positioning Elements

Creating a Pop-Up Tooltip

Creating a Simple Drop-Down Menu

Modularizing Script Functionality

Simplified Formatting with CSS

Wrapping Up

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We accept credit and debit cards, bank/wire transfers, checks, cash, and purchase orders.

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