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License Key start date and time zone
Posted 02.01.2005 16:33

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Forum Newbie

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Well I finally had time during holiday to look at the latest build. Doing so of course requires a valid license key so off i went to get the eval. I copied the key to the clipboard, but OnScript cried that the key on the clipboard has expired. Looking at the start date (CD:{2004-12-31}) I see that maybe I will wait 20 minutes (It is 2004-12-30 23:40 here in in EST) and try it again.

Can't remember if this has been mentioned back on scriptinganswering (before all was lost) or not so I thought I would bring it up. Anyway, maybe allowing one day back in the logic when you check validity would work.

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Posted 02.01.2005 16:41

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Good point. The OnScript Editor does in fact use local date and time to check if the license is valid, while the license generator uses GMT.

For now we modified the license generator to set the begin date to a day before the current (GMT) date. This should take care of any time zone differences.

Cyril Baratoff
XLnow - the makers of OnScript

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