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Posted 04.07.2008 14:29
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Forum Newbie

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Hi XLnow,

With regards to licensing the OnScript product, if i purchase the Single User Network version, would i be able to install it on both my Laptop and my Workstation (2 installs for a single user).

Also, how does the server side run, is it a service and how many servers can i install it on?

Many Thanks


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Posted 04.07.2008 14:42

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Dear Mikie

You can use the Network Edition on any number of machines; only the Desktop Edition is limited to 3 machines. This is the relevant section of our license agreement:

NETWORK EDITION. In addition to DESKTOP EDITION you are authorized to install the full Software or portions of it on an unlimited number of computers within your organization. You are authorized to PERSONALLY use OnScript within your organization. If other individuals wish to use the Software as well, the purchase of additional Licenses is required.

This is valid for both the OnScript Editor and the OnScript Application Server.

For details see the EULA here:


The OnScript Application Server is a DCOM Server and the OnScript Editor uses RPC/DCOM to communicate with it. To make sure you can run this on your network, take a look at the following forum thread:

Cyril Baratoff
XLnow - the makers of OnScript

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