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Desktop vs. Network
Posted 17.11.2005 08:43
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Forum Newbie

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I'm currently using the evaluation version of OnScript and so far, out of all the script editors I've tried, I like OnScript the best, and am interested in purchasing it. However, the feature and licensing descriptions for the desktop and network edition are somewhat vague, and I'm not quite sure what I'd be getting with each version or how I can legally install and use it. So basically, I need two pieces of information:

1. I need to know exactly what features that the Network edition has that the Desktop edition doesn't.

2. I need to know what the exact license details are for the different types of licenses. Like, can the standard network edition license really only be used by a single person even though it can be installed on many machines at once? A EULA would be nice too.

If somebody could give me a few details about these things, that would be great, thanks.
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Posted 17.11.2005 11:35

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Thank you for your interest. You are correct - there are both technical as well as licensing differences between the Desktop and Network Editions:

1. The Network Edition will allow you to use the OnScript Editor to connect to other machines on your network and open, edit and run files from those other machines. The Desktop Edition is limited to scripts that are accessible from the machine you are running the OnScript Editor on. The rest of the feature sets are identical. Also you can always upgrade from Desktop Edition to the Network Edition for the difference in price.

2. The basic licenses for both the Desktop and the Network Editions are personal (per named user), so you will require multiple licences if more that one person will be using the product. If this is the case I suggest youu take look at our 5 license multi-pack which will cost you the same as 4 separate licenses - this is 20% off. There is also a 10 license multi-pack for the price of 7 - 30% off. For anything above 10 users please contact us for a custom quote.

There is a link to all license options here:

And of course our EULA is available online as well:

Cyril Baratoff
XLnow - the makers of OnScript

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