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File Open Window features
Posted 07.03.2005 18:17
Forum Member
Forum Member

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Is there a way to have the Open File window open in the same or last folder used? It would save time to remember the working folder.

It would also be nice to fill in the matching folder/file as you type.

And, to be able to ctrl-click multiple files to open at once.

Joe Chasko
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Posted 08.03.2005 17:40

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Working folder:
When you use the File Open dialog the first time during a session, OnScript defaults to the "My Documents" folder. After that it will remember the most recently used folder. (We implemented it in this way to comply with the "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP" Application Specification.)

However we realize that your working folder is not necesarily the "My Documents" folder and have plans to fix this by allowing you to specify the default folder. We will also do is add a "My Scripts" folder under "My Documents" and make that the new default folder.

Folder and file name autofill:
In the coming version 1.1 we replaced our custom file open dialog with the regular system dialog for local file system access, so you should get all the great look and feel offered by the system dialog. For remote file system access OnScript will still use our custom dialog.

Open multiple files:
Sounds reasonable, I added it to our wish list.

Cyril Baratoff
XLnow - the makers of OnScript

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