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inaguaral post of 2009.... having problems since some chang...
Posted 13.04.2009 10:36
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First of all- what happened guys? You guys have an arguably better product than vbsedit (which has its pluses... but youve got tabs...) Pricewise you blow Primalscript out of the water (with some of their much touted features. Adminscript Editor- eh, Im not sure who the hell uses that. Its nice, but pricey and difficult to use at times.

Love the object-intellisense Onscript has. The complete Object browser with all the typelib info. I could go on and on, but hesitate to, as it seems this product is being abandoned. I love you guys with the licensing. Wow, very generous to those of us with cheap bosses and multiple machines to work on. Id say thats the number one reason I love onscript so much. VBSEdit has 'unlimited' machine licensing too, but not really (it kills it after a certain number). The only reason I moved from OnScript to vbsedit is that on my work machine, one day, every time I try to run a vbscript in the editor it says (something like- i can elaborate further tomorrow when im at work)- 'Undefined String Error'. I assume this has something to do with OnScript running within its own scripting engine. Anyone else had problems?

Anyway, love the product, please- keep it alive!!! A little UI updating could go a long way, as well as improved loading performance (i like how vbsedit 'jumps' right up when right clicking a vbs and seleciting 'edit with vbsedit').come on onscript. throw us some updates. i love
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