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map drive for a class
Posted 20.10.2005 08:56
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Forum Newbie

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I am a TSS in school, and never write a Onscript before...pls teach me how to do it..
my case:
there are about 40 ppls in a class, and 24 classes, everyone have their own account and now, I need to map a drive for them ,
requirement:  1. everyone have their own home folder, own student account
                   2. each class have one class drive(map) for hand in their homework
e.g. 1A student name May, May login, she can see the map drive "1A", at the same time she can see her own folder
so how can I do it?it's urgent, the teacher want me finish in these few days..thx a lot!!
The main problem is...they don't have "1A" account, so how can I map a drive for all 1A student?if I do it for each student, there are too many account neet to set...>.<
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Posted 20.10.2005 09:12

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Forum Administrator

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It looks like your teacher wants you to learn about Login Scripts and I can certainly give you some advice on where to find more on this topic:

Guy Thomas of has an excellent Login Script Tutorial in the Scripts Section of his Computer Performance web site. Check it out, it covers mapping drives and printers as well as how to get this done in login scripts.

BTW, there is no way to "write an Onscript" because OnScript is the (our) product you use to write scripts with. So what you are asking for is how to write a VBScript or a JScript with OnScript.

Cyril Baratoff
XLnow - the makers of OnScript

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