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filetype mapping lost after reinstall
Posted 18.07.2005 18:10
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Forum Newbie

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Got new machine and I thougt it would be clever to install program in removable media (we have policy: no installations to C) but result was frustrating:

1. First installed to memory stick. Everything went well (build 321) and works just as it should. But I hate how USB memory sticks out behind machine. Feels uncomfortable and looks dangerous. I uninstalled OnScript with installer.

2. Installed OnScript again to SD card. Feels better but uninstall has removed vbs file mapping. Files have generic icon and filemapping says: Opens with OnScript. And it definetly does that. Double clicking vbs-files opens OnScript editor. I hate this behaviour.

If I remember well enough I had same type of problems with older machine after install reinstall cycle. In those days scripting host reinstallation helped but todays strict user policy prevents this approach.

Any suggestions?
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Posted 18.07.2005 18:31

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Please be so kind and use the latest build, which is 330. I'm quite sure there were some fixes regarding this after build 321.

If the problem persists let me know which OS you are running and I'll send you a reg file with the defaults from a clean system.

Cyril Baratoff
XLnow - the makers of OnScript

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