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Here is an assorted list of reviews from online and print media about OnScript
or with some OnScript coverage. Some were written independently, others were paid
by us – but in all cases the authors were left to express their personal opinions.

A Great Mind Software Review
by Kathy Salisbury, Great Mind Software

This is the most comprehensive review; Kathy wrote it for our listing.
Make sure you read it:

In summary OnScript is a great scripting tool that could take the pain out of writing scripts, and should be quite useful to system administrators or anyone who uses scripting to automate their computer processes. more
Solid Scripting Tool
by ScriptingDon, who might have something to do with
on the Windows Marketplace

A relative newcomer to the script editor scene, this editor nonetheless has the mix of features most Windows administrators will want … Licensing model is exceedingly generous, allowing one license to serve more than one machine in certain circumstances.
Worth checking out.
Write the Perfect Script
by Bill Boswell, MCSE, principal of Bill Boswell Consulting, Inc.
for Redmond Magazine

Bill reviews four of the leading script environments, including the new version of our IDE:

OnScript has some handy troubleshooting and help features, including a slick outlining tool for examining scripts in process. It also integrates with Microsoft's debugging tool and brings you right to the troublesome line for correction. It integrates with the Microsoft VBScript help file as well. …more
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OnScript in Transit
by Software Transit, a commercial software review service
on various download sites

OnScript is specifically designed to make managing windows based environments, both standalone systems and networked servers, much easier. This program will allow administrators to design, modify, update, and sample any and all scripts that need to be applied for the environment. …more
Write Right Scripts
by Zmiter Kovov, OneKIT Software Magazine

… using OnScript it is quite easy both to work professionally and learn how to work professionally. This is powerful, well-designed, flexible, and comprehensive software. It contains a detailed help file so there is no problem to learn how use it. …more
Supercharged Windows Scripting Editors
by Michael Otey, technical director for Windows IT Pro and president of TECA 
on Windows IT Pro

Blow away Notepad? Sure. Here is what Michael has to say about OnScript:

Targeted expressly at Windows script writers, XLnow's OnScript provides syntax highlighting for VBScript, JScript, and other popular script types, including .bat, .cmd, .hta, and Perl files. This product also provides statement completion and debugging support. … licensing scheme that lets you to run it on your desktop, notebook, and home systems. … more