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The world of Windows Scripting has many places to go.
Step into it. Explore. Learn. Participate.

Interested in learning more about scripting and what it can do?

Our VBScript Training Videos make scripting clear and easy to understand, using step-by-step instructions, on-screen demonstrations, friendly instructors and tons of included sample scripts.
… get Windows Administrators and Script Developers up to speed!
For information on Windows Scripting tools, Windows automation, resources, sample scripts and more downloads visit Microsoft’s TechNet Script Center.

Tune in for TechNet Scripting WebCasts - Master Administrative Scripting with Don Jones: Script better, faster, and more!

Master Administrative Scripting with Don Jones: Script better, faster, and more!

Don Jones invites you to visit, where Windows administrators go to automate. You'll find scripts, tips, tutorials, training videos, Webcasts, and a variety of other complimentary resources, including a complete discussion forum.
Visit and read the review of OnScript RC1!
  Ian Morrish's Windows Scripting Group provides a comprehensive resource for Windows Script (WSH & VBScript), OLE Automation (Office, ADO, CDO & ADSI) and COM objects that you can use to develop your own powerful scripting solutions.
  Clarence Washington's Win32 Scripting Repository has everything you need to get up and running, Downloads, sample scripts, reference materials, and technical support via an online discussion lounge.
  Dr. Holger Schwichtenberg's Deutsche Windows-Scripting-Community site: Skripte, FAQ, Artikel, Referenzen...  guess what - it's German!
Includes a WSH Editor comparison table featuring OnScript!

Guy Thomas helps in solving computer problems and gives Windows Server 2003 advice. Check out Logon Scripts, VBScripts for W2K3 and WSH Scripts and the Scripting Ezine.

Jeffery D. Hicks was so kind to include some of his sample scripts in the OnScript Library.
And he has more for you:
Visit JDH Information Technology Solutions - Script Samples and Newsletters.

Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages - chock-full of scripting examples, ready to be used.
The primary objective of this site is to teach you how to use batch and other scripting languages yourself.

Scripting Guide for Windows - Part of the WinGuides Network: VBScript Reference Guide, WSH Reference Guide, Code Snippets, and an Introduction to Windows Scripting. - a German site covering WSH inside and out.


Windows Scripting Solutions - a Windows IT Pro site and magazine.