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XLnow invites you to preview OnScript by signing up for the Preview Evaluation program.

The purpose of the OnScript Preview Evaluation program is to introduce this script editor to interested parties.

As a participant of the OnScript Preview Evaluation program we expect you to:

  • Download the product binaries and any other required files
  • Install OnScript on one or more computers
  • Evaluate OnScript by using it to create and run scripts

Please review the OnScript End User License Agreement.

Using OnScript as part of the Preview Evaluation program is considered equivalent to


First name

Last name
Company / Organization
What do you use or plan to use scripting for (optional)?

The information supplied in this form and other information made available to XLnow during the Preview Evaluation program will be used for the sole purpose of improving the OnScript script editor and the services that XLnow provides.
It will not be made accessible to third parties except where required by law.

If at any time you wish to stop participating in the program, please send a note to