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Scriptomatic 2.0: This world-famous tool writes WMI scripts so you don’t have to.
Produces scripts in VBScript, Perl, Python, and JScript.
And now it integrates right into the OnScript Editor.

The ScriptomaticV2 Patch for OnScript
or is it the “OnScript Patch for ScriptomaticV2”?

By now you’ve probably heard of the new version of the famous Scriptomatic – the tool that writes WMI scripts for you. It is an HTML Application that you can download from the TechNet Script Center and start by running that ScriptomaticV2.hta file you stored somewhere on your machine.

This is nice and simple, but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could add it to the menu of your script editor for easy access? And wouldn’t it be even better if the tool were integrated with editor so that you could transfer the scripts you generate at the click of a button?

This is what the ScriptomaticV2 Patch for OnScript is about. We basically added some functionality to the tool, saved the differences to a file and then wrote a script that applies the required changes to an existing copy of ScriptomaticV2.hta. And of course our script registers the patched HTA in the OnScript Tools menu.

So here’s how to get and run the patch:
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Step 1: Make sure that ScriptomaticV2 is ready for patching

Download and unpack Scriptomatic 2.0 to a folder on your machine. If you don’t already have the file, you can find it on the OnScript Downloads page in the “Scripting Downloads” section. Look for “Scriptomatic 2.0 - WMI Utility”.

In this example I unpacked it to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Script Center\ScriptomaticV2”.

The folder you chose should contain two files: read_me.doc and ScriptomaticV2.hta:

Double-click the HTA to run it and make sure everything works so far. You should see something like this:

Select a WMI class from the list and watch the O-matic script for you. If you press the Run button a command window should open and the script should run.

To learn more about the Scriptomatic tool, read the online article Scriptomatic 2.0: Readme or the read_me.doc file that came with the HTA.

Step 2: Unpack and run the patch

Download the ScriptomaticV2 Patch for OnScript and unpack the files ScriptomaticPatcher.vbs and NewHTML.txt to the folder that contains ScriptomaticV2.hta:

Run the ScriptomaticPatcher.vbs script and o-matically you should get a new, better ScriptomaticV2 by the name of ScriptomaticV2_patched.hta:

Don’t run it just yet, first we want to see if it was added to the OnScript Editor correctly...

Step 3: Run OnScript and start the modified Scriptomatic 2.0
Start the OnScript Editor and take a look at the Tools menu. It should look like this:

Now run the integrated Scriptomatic 2.0 from the Tools menu…

Select a WMI Class and all command buttons should be enabled, including the new OnScript button:

Don’t press it unless… you want to add the complete script as a new script document to OnScript. If, however you do press the OnScript button, this is exactly what happens.

Step 4: Enjoy OnScript ScriptomaticV2 Integration
Now you do anything you would do with any other script document. You can save it for later use or you can edit and run or debug it from within OnScript:

Obviously this works not only for VBScript scripts but for all script file types supported by both the ScriptomaticV2 and OnScript.

What’s Next?
If this is not enough, please feel free to dissect the patch script and learn from what you find in there. After all it is just a script!
Scriptomatic 2.0

This world-famous tool writes WMI scripts so you don’t have to. Produces scripts in VBScript, Perl, Python, and JScript. Also provides numerous output formats for running scripts, from plain text to Web page to XML. Try it now!